Cruise COVID Tracking


Qu-Care provides an all-in-one COVID-19 response

via precise, anonymized passenger tracking 

on existing infrastructure

Why Qu-Cruise?

  • High-Precision Spatial AND Temporal Resolution

  • Intuitive Interface: Our web-based interface allows administrators to easily configure, track, and monitor analyses.

  • Ultra Secure: As data is captured, it is obfuscated using tokenization and cryptographic technologies. That captured data is encrypted at rest and in transit and discarded after a defined time period, based on the client compliance policies

  • Instantaneous Deployment: Our solution does not require any changes to existing WiFi or Bluetooth infrastructure, ensuring easy and cost-effective deployment

  • Predictive Analytics: Our analyses will help you identify and avoid potential high-risk situations

  • Tested Solution: Over 600MM users worldwide


When your facility reopens to visitors, how will you know who came in contact with whom?

With our permission-less CCPA & GPDR compliant solution, you will know where, when, and for how long interactions occurred.

Qu-Care allows crew to locate individuals by type: employees, passengers, security team, etc. and identify who was exposed.

Qu-care learns patterns and provides predictive analytics to allows facilities to optimize path movement and density for all exposure minimization

Coronavirus control measures can be optimized by leveraging our Site Management Solution to identify and physically map high use areas, and those areas visited by infected individuals. 

Once someone is infected, management can quickly check the recent history of where, when and with whom the infected person interacted.