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We provide Q-AI 
solutions at any scale

Quantum Thought is the world’s premier quantum computing launchpad for the founding generation of quantum computing applications. We'll work with your team to apply the latest in quantum computing breakthroughs to keep your data safe, and your capabilities miles ahead of the competition.


Next Level Contact Tracing

Quantum Thought’s real-time contact tracing containment system uses device-based detection and location-based analytics stop the spread of virus. We leverage existing infrastructure, and no new equipment needs to be installed.


Machine Learning

Linear processing of massively parallel AI programs dramatically restricts the ability of AI to meet its potential--kind of like putting a Toyota Prius engine in a Ferrari. No matter how good it looks, you’re only going to be able to go so fast. Quantum computing will revolutionize Artificial Intelligence in that we will finally have a brain that is capable of running the software.


Quantum Materials & Chemistry

Molecular modeling proves very difficult and often impossible for accurate depictions of ground truth with classical computing. By developing circuits in quantum computers, we can begin to model molecules we never could before, enabling breakthroughs in novel materials and chemicals.


Quantum Resilient Security

Modern encryption protocols assume that an attacker cannot efficiently factor large integers into prime factors, otherwise they would be able to trivially decrypt data. Unfortunately for standard encryption, one of the most basic quantum algorithms - Shor's Algorithm - does just that. Quantum Thought has developed enterprise toolsets and expertise in post-quantum cryptography and quantum key distribution that are available TODAY.


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